VELUX Blinds

Chelford Fabrics can offer our customers genuine VELUX Blinds consisting off VELUX Roof and Windows.

To find which size of blind you require just take note of the window number (picture below) no need to measure anything.

All images are curtesy of VELUX blinds.

Photo Gallery:

  • Bathroom centre-pivot white finish GGU 2
  • Blinds flying pleated 2
  • Blinds roller
  • Blinds venetian
  • CABRIO Bedroom 1
  • Extension INTEGRA electric centre-pivot pine finish
  • INTEGRA electric pine finish study
  • INTEGRA electric remote 1
  • School interior 2
  • VELUX people 2
  • VELUX people 4
  • VELUX roof windows data plate
  • VELUX roof windows data plate_thumb_thumb


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