Ian Mankin

On the 31st July 2019, Ian Mankin made the decision to change all of the natural 100% cotton yarns that we source to either recycled or certified organic.


This vital step forward gives Ian Mankin the confidence that their impact on the environment and the global community is minimised. As the world’s second most polluting industry, we in the textile business have a duty to source better and waste less. We’re not saying we are perfect, but we understand that where we can make changes, we absolutely must. Changing our cotton sourcing is just one step for us, but it doesn’t stop there. This is an ongoing project and where alternatives arise across their business, and as demands on our earth’s resources change, then they will continue to improve.

Organic accreditation also means that the people responsible for the production of their cotton yarns are treated fairly, paid fairly and are not subjected to poor working conditions that could endanger themselves or others in the community. By also using recycled yarns, we know that Ian Mankin aren’t putting more pressure on the cotton supply and are helping to put an otherwise waste product into use as opposed to landfill!

We hope, as customers of Chelford Fabrics, that this gives us the confidence to recommend Ian Mankin products to our customers, with a clear view of where theirĀ  yarns have been sourced and where their fabrics are made.